5 fun trips with kids in June



Exhibition – 3 April until 24 May 2021 (from €7 per person)

Bricks@Terhills’s exhibition is a unique experience with 60 models made of LEGO bricks on a surface area of 350 m2. The figures have been made by or were constructed under the direction of Dirk Denoyelle, humorist and of the few LEGO Certified Professionals in the world.

You can walk through several thematic galleries and admire the unique works executed with millions of LEGO bricks: portraits of famous film stars, parodies of famous works of art, own works of art, golden statues, music, nature, architecture…

You can also get to work with the bricks! For the littlest ones, there is a ‘Find the dinosaur’ quest via the exhibition route.

Annas Steen - de vos in het bos

Anna´s Steen: The Fox… in the Forest!

Theatre walk in the forest – April until September 2021 (for free)

A theatre experience inside the theatre building is not possible right now, but a theatrical walk in the healthy country air is, luckily. Youth company Anna’s Steen came upon the bright idea to develop a fun experience for anyone from the age of 4.

The theatre walk runs through the Valley of the Kikbeekbron (‘Kikbeek source’), a beautiful nature reserve of 120 ha at and around a former sand and gravel pit in Maasmechelen.

On the way, you can find signs with QR codes which lead you to 6 short videos (± 5 min) on your smartphone. On the map you can download on the website, those locations are indicated by red stars. The stories are based on well-known and lesser-known fables. The main characters are a delicious duck, a clever pig, a shrewd raven and – of course – a hungry fox.

Kasteelpark van Pipa _ volledige foto

Pipa’s castle park

Kids tour - permanently (for free)

The castle park of Leut is an English park with many special and impressive trees. Since March 2019, you can try the kids tour ‘Pipa’s castle park’.

Pipa, daughter of the lord of the castle Vilain XIIII, takes you with her along her favourite places. On the way, you get to know her six sisters, who will challenge you to play with them, and dance and sing. This interactive walk is completely free of charge, and all stories and challenges are on the signs you pass along the way. The route is doable with a buggy. Perfect for children from the age of 2.5!

Beestige Boelbos_Sabrina Tollenaers (2)

Fun with animals in the forest: ‘Beestige Boelbos’

Fun forest: ‘Speelbos’ - permanently (for free)

In the fun forest (‘speelbos’) children and their parents get to know the animals of the National Park, specifically the species living at the Mechelse Heide (heathland). The silver-studded blue (butterfly) will guide the children through the fun forest from one adventurous meeting to the next.