Maasmechelen: 3 sportive and green hotspots

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Maasmechelen, that shopping Walhalla in Limburg, right?' That was my first reaction when they asked me to visit. 'Yes, that is right!' as the mail confirmed. But you may experience a lot more than just shopping, I was told at the same time. Oef…

And that was indeed the simple truth. I could experience it myself, because Maasmechelen includes enjoying beautiful nature, cycling through picturesque villages alongside the Meuse and allowing yourself to a gastronomic treat at a restaurant. I went there for two days and as far as I am concerned, it certainly might have lasted a bit longer.


In Eisden – one of the boroughs of Maasmechelen – you will find the main gateway to the only national park in Belgium, Hoge Kempen. While as fashionable shoppers do some window shopping in the cosy Maasmechelen Village, a lot of natural beauty is to be found at a few
metres’ distance from the shops.

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Mechelse Heide

Like Terhills – the Mechelse Heide is one of the six gateways of the National park Hoge Kempen, being a park of over 5700 hectares of protected forests and heathland landscapes and one of the largest heath areas in Flanders. I went on a few hours’ hike with a real ranger, not on foot, but by bike…

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Rivierpark Maasvallei

Limburg is also a nickname for cycle paradise. So, about time to get on your bike and discover the Rivierpark Maasvallei and its typical Meuse villages. Actually, the known
cycling loop system is the best way to explore. We opted for the loop 'Flirting with the Meuse', a trail of about 30 km throughout Belgian and Dutch Limburg.

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