Important message for hikers at Terhills!

The construction of the Terhills Resort has started. As a result, the red and yellow walks are temporary interrupted. The new trails can be found on an information sign after you enter.

Walking to the panorama point on the "Long terril" via the blue walk is still possible and remains recommended! To enjoy the "Twin Terril", the Kempen and Maasland Regional Landscape temporarily signposted a new 13 km PURPLE walk. Via this route you will walk twice along the same path along the water, but you will enjoy beautiful views. Discover the new paths they have cleared for an optimal experience.


Kempen and Maasland Regional Landscape hopes to reopen the interrupted walking routes as soon as possible and to launch a new range of walks (presumably autumn 2019). In the meantime, they do everything they can to reduce nuisance and to guarantee your safety and comfort. For that they count on your support and understanding. The Kempen and Maasland Regional Landscape will continue to work for a beautiful and attractive Hoge Kempen National Park and for the main access gate Terhills in particular. With the support of walkers and visitors, they can succeed in that. Employees and volunteers from Terhills are looking forward to welcoming you and are happy to give you tips and advice for a successful visit.

(text: Kempen and Maasland / Terhills Regional Landscape. Translation: Google Translate)

Published on Fri 01 Jan 2021