Brewery Kompel Special beer as a tribute to the mine history

W .ith their vintage beer truck – an old-timer VW – they scour since last summer concerts, festivals and .terraces in the mine area, because: Kompel, that is the beer in the mine area! ‘Kompel is a special local .beer honouring the miner as well as the mine history’, according to Frederic, Sandro and Alessio, the smart brains behind Kompel. Their beer truck reaps a lot of success. ‘Lots of weekends are already fully booked for this year’, they gloat in the shadow of their favourite hang-out, of course, the shaft towers in Eisden, the former home of all miners.

A miners’ beer? ‘Yes, indeed. As beer enthusiasts, we contemplated the idea of brewing a special beer reminding us of our mine history. At the end of 2014, we appealed to the small brewery Anders! In Halen, having an established reputation of creating custom-made beer and brewing it in small volumes. We opted for a blond beer without herbs and composed of different kinds of hops. After a lot of experimenting and tasting, we presented our Kompel Bovengronds in the spring of 2015. It immediately became a big hit. Yes, this blond beer is up till present our showpiece. Also, beer connoisseurs seem to appreciate this beer, because last year, we won a prize after a blind tasting, being a reference for the whole trade – for the experts and connoisseurs: ‘International Taste &Quality Institute (iTQi).’Meanwhile, we did our utmost to promote and sell the Kompel in the hotel and catering industry, liquor and beer stores as well as supermarkets. Business is booming so much that our brewer cannot follow the demand. For this reason, we appealed to brewery Ter Dolen in Helchteren, capable of brewing large volumes and providing even a better beer quality thanks to the brewing process. At present, Kompel offers a range of 4 beers, because in autumn 2015 a dark beer was produced: Kompel Ondergronds. And a Brussels brewery brews the Kompel Kriek. ‘One hundred percent based on Lambic, mixed with sour cherry juice. Finally, last but not least, follows Kompel Bellefleurs. We wanted to support the commemoration of the closures of the mines in Limburg thirty years ago with a special, local beer. After we could purchase the full stock of heath honey of a local beekeeper, we brought out a ‘limited edition’ based on a recipe, we created with the brewer of Ter Dolen: Kompel Bellefleurs, named after the two identical shaft towers, still standing behind the main building. We entertain the idea of offering this honey beer on a larger scale. The Kompel brains are still developing ideas and brim over with ambition. While showing up everywhere with their beer truck next spring and summer, they have very concrete plans to build a brewery complex opposite of Decathlon and next to ‘The Bakery by Panerex’. This brewery complex will harbour festivity halls, a Kompelcafé as well as an interactive museum with the mine as a central theme. Our dream is to open this complex at the end of 2020.’