Gateway Connecterra

Connecterra is the main gateway to the National Parc Park Hoge Kempen and offers splendid panoramic views on your hikes on and around the former slag heaps.

On this spot, the coal mine of Eisden used to work full steam ahead for more than a quarter of a century ago. Nowadays, the scenery is totally different and you can enjoy a surprising variation of ‘mountains and lakes’ as well as some spectacular panoramic views. Monumentally, at the entrance of Connecterra, you will notice the renovated shaft tower, which you can climb up till 24 m high to admire the close environment from a different angle. At the bottom of the shaft, you can find a photo exhibition on the old mining site.

4 hiking routes between 1,4 and 13 km have been mapped out, of which the blue one is the most beautiful leading you to the most beautiful panorma of flanders. Do you want to compose a hiking route by yourself? Of course, you can do this by using the hike intersections you will find on your hiking map.

Rates adults: € 3,00 p.p.
Year subscription 2018: € 5,00 p.p.
Children < 3 years for free

ATTENTION! Due to work on the Terhills Resort, the red and yellow walk is temporarily interrupted. The new hiking map is available free of charge at the Connecterra visitor center and helps to put together your personal tour by combining routes with each other.