Beestige boelbos

Beestige Boelbos

In the play forest, children and their parents get to know the animals of the National Park, in particular the species that live on the Mechelse Heide. Het heideblauwtje is the central figure that guides the children through the play forest from one adventurous encounter to another. In addition to a fox tour, a snake crawl, a deer and toad jump, a lizard walk, a wild boar disappearing trick and building nests with the Stonechat, an amphitheater was also built where stories can be told during activities or where Rangers, teachers or playground workers in an 'outdoor classroom' can speak to the children.

Open playground

But there is more: right next to the Beestige Boelbos and surrounded by the Zandloperpad, there is a play dune and a water pit that are equipped with a water game and a climbing tree to complete the fun.

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Speelduin Mechelse Heide