fun with animals in the forest beestige boelbos

Fun with animals in the forest: 'Beestige Boelbos'

In the fun forest (‘speelbos’) children and their parents get to know the animals of the National Park, specifically the species living at the Mechelse Heide (heathland). The silver-studded blue (butterfly) will guide the children through the fun forest from one adventurous meeting to the next. Children learn how to sneak like a fox, slither like a snake, jump like a roe and a toad, run like a lizard, disappear like a wild boar and build a nest like a European stonechat. Next to that, there is an amphitheatre where stories can be told during activities or where Rangers, teachers or playground workers can teach or speak to the children in an ‘outside classroom’.

Play about at the open sand hill

But there’s more: right next to the ‘Beestige Boelbos’ (forest) and surrounded by the ‘Zandloperpad’ (path), you can find a sand hill and a pond with a water game and climbing tree to ensure even more fun.