Jooks app

The free Jooks app combines running and walking with sightseeing.

Download the app, enter your location and choose a route. A voice will lead you to a point on the route nearby and off you go. If you pass by a point of interest, you will receive information about it.

For Maasmechelen, there are 3 different routes:

  • Maasdorp Vucht – 8.8 km

The route runs through the Meuse village ‘Vucht’ and guides you along several interesting buildings and monuments. Via the audio guide you learn more about the environment and the history of this Meuse village that was known already during the Roman and probably even the Viking period.

  • Maasdorp Leut – 9.7 km

The app guides you along all kinds of interesting places in Leut, Mazenhoven and a part of Meeswijk. While running or walking, you discover everything about the impact of the castle of Vilain XIIII on the area, and learn about other fun facts.

  • Hoge Kempen National Park – 10 km

During your trip, you will see the most beautiful nature in Flanders. You will learn about the origins of the Mechelse Heide, who lived there 10,000 years ago and more.