Sunday April 22nd is Heritage Day again!

All day long you can go to Flanders and Brussels for a fantastic and versatile heritage offer. Your hosts include museums, archives, heritage libraries, local communities, and numerous other participants.

In Maasmechelen many organizations open their doors on Heritage Day, each time from a different angle the theme CHOICES is discussed.

Choosing life

Stichting Erfgoed Eisden organizes an exhibition at two locations about some of the choices in our daily lives. With p.e. numerous wedding photographs you get an idea of ??this 'choice for life'.
Where? WZC Heyvis (Rijksweg 106, 3630 Eisden-Maasmechelen) and Primary School de Granger (Kastanjelaan, 3630 Eisden-Maasmechelen)
More info? Jan Kohlbacher - T 0492 84 33 05 -

Choosing the parish

A working group from the Sint-Niklaaskerk presents an exhibition about the river Meuse and her floods, local ecclesiastical heritage, the famous village festivals, the different saint
statues in the church and some well-known village figures from Uikhoven. Get to know our new museum in the making and choose your favorite theme, which we will show in the summer.
Where? Schoorstraat 13, 3630 Uikhoven-Maasmechelen.
More info? Miranda Gerets - T 0479 39 48 22 -

Choose the old motor and craft heritage

The agricultural museum De Nostalgie from Uikhoven is also prepared for the heritage day. This time, old engines, steam engines and cars are on display again, old crafts are taken from the dust and you learn how families have been decennia
back had little choice in their housing.
Where? Agricultural Museum De Nostalgie - Pastor Goossenslaan 29, 3630 Uikhoven-Maasmechelen.
More info? Ivo Smeets - T 0477 76 25 12 -

Choose camp

't Oude Grimbiaca goes again for an interactive exhibition, this time about the' kajotsters' and chiro in the village. Historical photographs, use material of yesteryear, chiro attributes, ... are presented and residents of Opgrimbie and descendants get the chance
to recognize their parents or grandparents in the photos and thus complete the family history.
Where? Wijkcentrum Opgrimbie - Hoekstraat 1, 3630 Opgrimbie-Maasmechelen
More info? Carlo Dubois - 

Choosing coal

Eisden Tuinwijk can not be disconnected from the coal mine history. The Sint Barbarakerk is an important part in this history. With a climb to the top of the tower you hear stories about the beauty of the neighborhood, working in the mine, social life, migratory flows and closure. Also the possible recognition as UNESCO World Heritage is discussed.
Where? Sint Barbarakerk - Kastanjelaan 26, 3630 Eisden-Maasmechelen
More info? Ludo Coenen - T 0495 82 32 92 -

Choosing Heritage

Stichting Erfgoed Opgrimbie brings an exhibition of photos, films and documents that have not yet been shown during the past heritage days, such as Sport in Opgrimbie, the two world wars, the care centers and the old monastery in the village and the St. Kristoffeloeveringen.
Where? Mané vzw.- Schoolstraat 32, 3630 Opgrimbie-Maasmechelen.
More info? Leopold Crijns - T 0473 31 70 83 -

Choosing Greek culture in the multicultural Maasland

In Maasmechelen you can also visit the Greek cultural center (Valkeniersstraat 21) on Heritage Day. Come literally taste Greek culture and start Heritage Day with a Greek breakfast and watch a film about the Greek regions. A collection of photos and objects shows which traditions are still maintained and how the Greeks live here in Belgium. Which heritage piece do you think holds the most memories of Greece?

True? Greek Cultural Center, valkeniersstraat 21, 3630 Eisden-Maasmechelen.
The exhibition and film screening are organized by vzw Greek Heritage Maasland and can be visited continuously from 11 to 14h.
There is also a guided tour in the Greek Orthodox Church from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm.
For breakfast a contribution of 8 euros per person is required and you have to make a reservation via 0496 72 51 57.

Published on Mon 26 Feb 2018