Railway Brick Museum

The first Museum in Belgium with LEGO® Bricks (and the 5th in Europa) is situated in the old artisanal bakery in Leut. The museum is based on the history of more than 50 years of LEGO® trains, which explains the name: Railway Brick Museum. However, this doesn’t mean that you will only see trains there. The first part consists of all the generations of LEGO® trains incorporated in beautiful lay-outs, which include a city around the train from that same period.

In the second part of the museum, LEGO® lay-outs have been created in various themes, from Harry Potter to a winter wonderland, or from an amusement park to the Wild West, …. The common thread is functioning trains in a specific theme. The trains can then be turned on by the visitors themselves.

The third and final part of the museum will always change.

4 times a year, so every season, a LEGO® exposition with various themes will be exhibited here. On the one hand through sets from other collectors or by exhibiting objects specifically designed for this exposition by the museum’s building team.

There are also several play areas in the museum.

Children can participate in a treasure hunt in the museum, for a small surcharge of €2,50. After handing in the form, you will get a LEGO® polybag.

The museum also boasts a tastefully decorated bar where you can have a drink and a museum shop with both new and second-hand LEGO®.

There is a big parking lot next to the church at 100 meters from the museum.