Really experience nature in Maasmechelen

Mother Karen, father Stijn, their two children Olivia (13) and Jules (11) and their dog Bas spent a couple of days in Maasmechelen. Read all about their experience below.

Q: Why did you choose a weekend away in Maasmechelen?

A: Maasmechelen is not that far away from where we live, so it’s the perfect place to go. Maasmechelen offers a wide variety of activities for children of all ages and their parents. We can find a balance between action and relaxation.

Q : What activities have you done?

A: We went kayaking on the river Meuse. A trip of 11 km through magnificent nature. This activity had been on Jules and Olivia’s wish list for a while. Thankfully, the sun was out as well. We also hiked to the highest point of the National Park, where we enjoyed a breath-taking view and a delicious picnic. The extra effort you make to reach the highest point only intensifies the beauty of the view at the top.

Olivia and Jules also followed an introductory course at Terhills Cable park, while we enjoyed a delicious cocktail on the terrace.

We have had an eventful weekend and our batteries are recharged.

Q: Would you recommend this to couples without children as well?

A: Definitely. We have really enjoyed this weekend ourselves. This time, we chose activities that fit our family, but I would definitely recommend it to couples as well. We would love to come back just the two of us. We would still love to try Elaisa (Energetic Wellness) and one of the longer hikes in the National park.

7 x the real nature experience:

  • A kayak trip of 11 or 21 km on the river Meuse. During this trip, you will enjoy beautiful views and nature sounds. A combination of action and relaxation.
  • The ‘Beestige Boelbos’ (animal forest) and the ‘speelduin’ (play dune) are accessible via the large stone entrance wall of the Mechelse Heide, close to the ‘Zandloperpad’ (Sandpiper Path). Children and their parents can meet the animals of the National Park and experience lots of fun.
  • The castle park of Leut is an English park with many special trees. Since March 2019, there is a children’s walk called ‘Het Kasteelpark van Pipa’ (Pipa’s Castle park). During this interactive walk, children are being challenged by Pipa and her six sisters to play, sing, dance and enjoy nature together. Perfect for children from 2.5 years old.
  • A hike to the highest point of the National Park. In the National Park, there are five hiking tours; something for everybody. Prepare yourself for the most beautiful panoramic view of Flanders, ponds, slag heaps and challenging climbs. The area is also accessible to cyclists.
  • Discover the secrets of Leut. Leut is a picturesque parish where you can experience the cosy atmosphere and peace of RivierPark Maasvallei. During a cycling trip of 3 km, you get to know historic treasures, green oases and hidden spots.
  • Rest at Terland’s beach with a cocktail and your feet in the sand. This is the only place at Terhills’s lake where you can swim. How about some paddling?
  • Time for some action at Terhills Cablepark. You can learn how to water-ski, wakeboard and kneeboard or you can watch from the terrace. The activities are available for children from 8 years old.