RivierPark Maasvallei

The Meuse is the primary artery of Riverparc Maasvallei, moulding the typical scenery. In the beds, live plants and animals, not to be found anywhere else: lots of water birds, butterflies, dragonflies, wild bees and special flowers have found their home there. Even the beaver will build its fortress again in this area. Demanding kinds of animals, such as the otter and osprey are also expected. You can explore this unique ecosystem on foot or bike. The Riverparc Maasvallei presents some typical Meuse villages, where time seems to have stopped. Like a threaded cable alongside the Meuse, each one of them radiates authenticity. So, put on your walking shoes and let yourself be enchanted by the curiosities during these marvellous village walks. The hiking brochures will tell you more on the local history and the most special spots. Thanks to the flat landscape, you can also easily explore these gems on bike.

The red and orange hike loop of the Leut hiking area will guide you along the area of Maesbempdergreend and Mazenhoven. You can walk freely in these areas, but keep your distance from the grazers, they also like their peace and privacy.

(photo: Ellen Jacobs)