Valley of the Ziepbeek(Zijpbeek)

The Valley of the Ziepbeek (brook) – also called ‘Zijpbeek’ – is situated at Hoge Kempen National Park and is part of the hiking area of entrance Pietersheim. The nature reserve extends between the steep edge of the Campine Plateau on one side and the village centres of Opgrimbie (Maasmechelen) and Rekem (Lanaken) at the Meuse valley on the other side.

Thanks to the seepage water from the ground, it is a damp area with swamps, wet heathland and pools where specific plants and animals thrive. From mid-August until mid-September, the common heather blooms beautifully here.

The purple route (11.4 km) has received the premium label from the DeutschesWanderinstitut. That means it is a qualitative route and the hiker can be sure to experience a meaningful walk which is signposted and maintained properly.

Things worth seeing:

  • Heathland
  • Forest
  • Ponds and brooks
  • Angus and Galloway cattle

Hiking routes

Purple loop: 11.4 km

Consult the hiking routes for free at

You can buy hiking maps at Visit Maasmechelen(€ 2.5).

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