Would you like to contribute to keep the Meuse clean? That’s possible!

Together with Rivierpark Maasvallei, ‘Kajak Maasland’ offers its environmentally aware customers a free Meuse Cleanup Package. For free, you receive a litter picker, rubbish bag and gloves with which litter can be collected. Let’s make our beautiful river even more beautiful.

The river Meuse is a rain-fed river. That means that sometimes the water is very high and sometimes it is very low. Because of that, litter brought by the river often stays behind. Regularly, there are cleaning moments at the banks of the Meuse, but in places more difficult to reach the litter tends to pile up. Those places don’t cause problems for people rafting or kayaking, like the small islands or remote beaches.

If you want to combine the useful with the pleasant and help to keep our beautiful river clean, then we would really appreciate it.

The litter you collected can be left at the place indicated. All you have to do is indicate on the booking form of Kajak Maasland that you would like to receive a Meuse Cleanup Package.

  • In short: if one or several of the following things resonate with you, choose the Meuse Cleanup Package!
  • You are looking for an extra challenge
  • You want to do something about the plastic soup in the seas (80% of it is from rivers)
  • You want to do something good
  • You love nature
  • You like to leave a place cleaner than you found it
  • You want to return home feeling really well
  • The fauna and flora already thank you


Published on Wed 13 Apr 2022